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About University of the Philippines - Open University

Our mission is to provide Filipinos everywhere access to quality higher education through innovative methods of teaching and learning that are designed to be responsive to their needs as well as to national development priorities. We uphold the values of scholarship, academic excellence, academic freedom, humanism, social responsibility, and service to the nation.

UPOU is also mandated to contribute towards upgrading the quality of the educational system of the country by developing innovative instructional strategies and technologies and sharing these with other colleges and universities through cooperative programs. Republic Act 10650 (Open Distance Learning Law) has tasked UPOU to assist relevant national agencies, higher education institutions, and technical and vocational institutions in developing their distance education programs through training, technical assistance, research, and other academic programs.

We are the nation's most comprehensive distance education institution, with 37 degree programs comprised of seven undergraduate programs, two graduate certificate programs, 12 graduate diploma programs, 13 master's programs, and three doctoral programs. UPOU also offers certification programs, continuing education programs (CEP), and Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). We have Mega Learning Hubs in the National Capital Region (Diliman) and the Visayas (Cebu). This, coupled with our ability to harness a wide range of digital technologies in education, has enabled us to build a global community of mostly Filipino learners in more than 70 countries.

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